NM Last Call

  1. Post card came today Last Call January 16-22! West Coast at least. The card doesn't say anything about online, so I don't know when that will start
  2. Yes I was going to post that NM Atlanta has started presaling items already! The selection is awesome right now in the shoe department...pretty good for clothing and not so great for purses..

  3. Do they have any chanel flats on sale ?:love::love:
  4. I didn't see any Chanel flats, but the clothes selection is supreb!
  5. Anyone know when online will start?
  6. When does the NM last call start for the one in San Francisco?
  7. I'm in the VA area, but my SA said that all of the NM stores are having the last call sale at the same time this year.
  8. Must be the first time all stores will have the sale at the same time. Normally for winter Last Call sale, West is first and then East gets all the unsold merchandise for their sale before it goes to the outlet.
  9. i think it's gonna be the same.. around the 16th.. but they already have the pre-sale thing going on right now..
  10. I was at the SF Neimans today. If you want to buy at a store, go or call ASAP! Everything was out, marked down, just not available to take home. I didn't see much - lots of suede quilted Dior bags and pretty empty shoe racks. I didn't shop the clothes much, so no real info
  11. :yes: My SA said that this is the first time and they're planning on keeping it this way. We'll see how goes for the summer sale. :shrugs:
  12. Shucks! The selection of sale bags at the Honolulu store is virtually non-existent. It would have been great to get more from the East, Mid West and West Coast!