NM Last Call

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am travelling for work next week and I will be making a journey to the NM Last Call in San Marcos on Tuesday 11/27. I have never been to a Last Call before and I am sooooo excited. If you have been to this store recently, can you tell me if they have an MJ bags and if so, do they have a decent selection?
    I have also seen people talk about a coupon that they receive via e-mail. Does anyone know how I can get my hands on one of these coupons?

  2. ^^Hey fashion16! I live about 40 minutes away from that NMLC and I try to go at least once a month. I was going to try to brave the crowds and go today but it's just too darn cold here. I'm a wimp!

    Anyway, I was there last month and here's what I remember them having:

    Small MP's in Cherry Blossom, Spearmint and Petunia
    Emily bowler in black
    Lous in Black, a brown color and a dark green color:heart:
    Mariah in Metallic Blush
    Karen in Mocassin

    There were definitely more than that but I can't remember the specific styles/colors.

    As for the discount, I know that when I joined their mailing list, they gave me 10% off my purchase. The NMLC in Austin did the same for me. If I wasn't back at work Tuesday, I'd meet you there and we could do lunch! Also, don't forget to check out the Off 5th. They had some MJ's there too the last time I was there. Good luck shopping and let us know if you score anything!!!:yes:
  3. Not sure if it's still there, but NMLC in Orlando had a brown blake a few days ago.
  4. Has anyone ever been to the one in MD? I'm going to be driving by there on Tuesday and am thinking about stopping in if it's worth it.
  5. I've been to the one at Arundel Mills, MD. They do have some MJ's. Occasionally, they'll have an additional 20% off. Also, if you use you NM charge, you get 5% off all purchases. I've seen a bal harbor for around $900 and some capra bags for about the same price. Off Saks is right across from NMLC and they have some MJ's, too. I've seen alfreds and newburys at Off Saks. Make sure and sign up for email/coupons at both NMLC and Off Saks.
  6. Thanks kiss_p! You seriously have answers to all my questions - you rock!! :flowers:
  7. Actually, I just shop too much and I'm always looking for a deal! I also believe in sharing information - I think it brings good shopping karma (if there is such a thing)!
  8. few823 - If you do end up going and you see any Alfreds at the Off 5th there, will you let me know? I still want one of those. Thanks in advance!! Good luck shopping!
  9. I sure will. I'll most likely be stopping by there and the off 5th on Tuesday afternoon - I'll let you know when I get home:yes:
  10. luvpurses - They didn't have the bag you were looking for at NM or Saks - they had a bunch of quilted Irina's - in a variety of colors and shapes. NM had on Bal Harbor, a small MP in a really rich brown, and then two of the same bag that I'd never seen before. It was shaped like a semi-circle and had a tortoise and gold chain as the strap - I think it's called the Capra? Anyway - it was really pretty but nothing I wanted to bring home :wtf:

    I did stop by Neimans in Tysons Corner as well though - it was a free for all in there - they had a bunch of Marc's on sale - a dark brown venetia that ALMOST came home with me - it was only like $695!! I think I saw a patchwork lou, maybe a patchwork stam? There were so many in there, thrown all around the place it was hard to keep track of what I was looking at. Sorry I'm not more helpful!
  11. ^^Thank you sooo much for checking few823!! I truly appreciate it!! I really don't need to buy any more bags anyway so it's just as well you didn't find any Alfreds. :p And you did a great job reporting back what you saw. Don't worry about not remembering all of the names. I always find it hard to remember once I'm back home and in front of the computer.