NM last call tomorrow in stores

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  1. hi, girls i just got this email from NM i am going tomorrow for sure :yahoo::yahoo:

    Super Savings!

    You won't need intense training to score big on this fun football weekend. Instead, head to Last Call Store Sunday, February 7, and enjoy our Super Savings Event. You can draw a coupon for savings of 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 40% or 50% off one item or 25% off your entire purchase to use Sunday only! Visit the store to draw your offer and enjoy super savings all day Sunday, February 7



  2. awesome! Thanks for posting!
  3. Nice the Last Call in Minneapolis doesn't look like it's part of this. Probably because it sits on top of the Neimans Store.
  4. aww.. I wish there was a last call near me
  5. cant wait for tomorrow i wonder what kinda deal i will get i hop the 50% that will make my day :biggrin:
  6. mine is 1 hr away
  7. I called in Atlanta-they didn't know anything about it but I was the 2nd person who'd called and asked. They have a meeting first thing tomorrow before the store opens-so I'm supposed to call then to see if they're having it.
  8. i called my store in San Diego , ca and she told right away that yes the do have it and it is one draw per person , so i am taking my hubby with me he has better luck than me lol , will see tomorrow
  9. I wonder how the drawings will work. Do you draw a coupon while you're shopping around the store or before you pay for your item(s) at the register?

    I can't decide whether to drive the 40 minutes to see if I get a decent deal!
  10. bummer i ended up going to the wrong store :mad::mad
  11. You picked out of a bowl. I had bought Chanel shoes yesterday, so I called the store, was told to bring them in, and took them back to try and use a coupon. The store's asst. manager was so rude and said no way they would do it-even if I bought them yesterday afternoon.

    So I returned them, asked for the store manager's address, corporate's address and returned the shoes to them. I will promptly write a letter about their lack of customer service...especially in light of the economy and how poorly that they are doing with sales. If I don't get a response back-then I'm finished with NM. :nuts:

  12. soo sorry:sad:
  13. That's horrible JNH!:tdown: I'm sorry! Good for you writing a letter...give 'em hell!
  14. :smile:I was so ticked off-in the financial straits that they are in-you wouldn't think they'd want to harbor ill-will with their loyal customers. So-I'm just done wuth them and will shop Saks or Nordies instead.