NM Last Call Starts Tomorrow

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  1. I spoke with Hanna yesterday at the NM in St Louis....they are taking pre-sale orders ....tomorrow the sale starts...
    she has a Balenciaga bag on sale
    a couple of Marc Jacobs bags and a
    Fendi B bag
    if anyone is interested I would call her today....
  2. last call sale? Is that in the actual Neiman Marcus? I thought it started a while ago?
  3. Do you mean last call for this specific location? Do you know which Marc Jacobs bags?
  4. the post card I received yesterday said FINAL cut January 28 - February 9
    but they didn't mention how many additional % off.....which is strange....usually they would say 25% or 30% additional....
  5. do you now if this is for ALL NM or just the one in St. louis?
  6. Is this for On-line or in the stores?
  7. I talked to an SA here in Atlanta and he told me that it was a rolling sale. It is only in St. Louis, Boston and a few other east coast locations. They had already sent everything that they hadn't sold here at Phipps Plaza to the Boston Copley Plaza store. I called there and spoke to Carol, an SA, she said they didn't have much of anything. They are not doing another percent off at the website either, or at least this is what they told me today. Hope that this helps out!:shame:
  8. Hanbdbag! Im from STL too but I work with Anne. Wouldn't you know it that I am out of the country now and I will maybe miss something good. Any spotting of a python silverado IRL there? Looks like merchandise is being pooled in Frontenac from other stores???
  9. Last Call pre-sale started last week in DC and pick ups today:yahoo: :yahoo: Not much to be had for handbags or shoes at this point, but maybe worth the look for some :yes:
  10. NM Last Call has already started last week in Troy, Michigan
  11. The final sale starts in Chicago tomorrow, too, but they have been pre-saleing since last week.