NM Last Call & Saks-Discovery Mills, Atlanta

  1. I stopped by this morning and they had a lot of new bags...trouble is that the prices didn't seem like any bargains! The had quite a few styles of Chloes at least 40% off, a lot of Koobas, Marc Jacobs, some Valentino etc. They had several pairs of Manolo shoes as well, all in the $200 range-which they closed out cheaper on their regular website.

    Also the Saks Off Fifth had a lot of new bags-they had some cute LAMB bags, some Lockheart, and then the usual MK, MJ, and lots of Bulgas. Don't forget that they also have a 25% off your entire purchase coupon that someone already posted! :rolleyes:
  2. [​IMG]This Tracy Reese bag was at Off Fifth and on sale. It's still full price at Nordstrom. :angel:
  3. So nice of you to post this! Thanks for sharing!
  4. You're so welcome-hope that you can find a bargain! :yes:
  5. Do you know what type of chloe's they had and any prices?
  6. I posted last week that they had 2 brown edith totes for $510 and a tall edith for 900+ in brown.
  7. I went to Discover Mills yesterday and saw several Chloe Edith's and Tracy's at NMLC. I know I saw both ivory and brown Edith's in several styles/sizes, as well as a whiskey Tracy and a Black-on-Black Tracy Satchel (my favorite). They didn't have them out on the floor so the only way to determine the price was to ask an SA (I didn't). But judging by the prices of the bags on the floor, I would doubt anything was more than 50% off.

    All of the MJ's were Capra's and these were also behind the counter so I didn't get the price. They did have a pink MJ out on the floor, I think it was a Multi-Pocket or maybe the smaller version of that style, and it was in the $400's (I can't remember exactly). I also saw a navy patent/canvas MJ (maybe MBMJ) bag. There were lots of Kooba's - they had more of this brand than just about any other and I know they had the Ginger and the Jillian styles plus some others (I am not too familiar with all the Kooba styles). They had a large Gucci navy canvas bag with red embroidered flowers (sorry, I don't know that style name) and a Prada printed canvas bag as well. I also remember seeing a light pink Gryson Naomi (I think that is the style?). Oh, and the most beat-up Balenciaga I've ever seen (don't know the style, it was just under $500 but that seemed overpriced based on the condition - it had serious wear around the edges).

    Over at Off-Fifth, they had about 10 different Bulga bags. I kept going back over to that rack just to feel the leather on them. :shame: They were around $370. And I saw the Tracy Reese bag posted above, too.

    So how was this for my first post? :smile: I've been a lurker for a few months but I'm finally jumping in!
  8. Do you know how much the Tracey was going for?? And the Edith...is the messenger style the Edith that comes with the long strap?
  9. does anyone know how much this bag was?
  11. I saw this at my local Off 5th in VA. It was $399 + 25% off with coupon. Very cute bag. I picked up the smaller flap bag / clutch from this line. Can't find a pic, but they had a few more at Off 5th.