NM Last Call Presidents Day Sale


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Sep 1, 2008
"Starting Wednesday, Feb 11, spectacular savings in storewide sale at Neiman Marcus Last Call.

5% additional off your purchase when you use your NM credit card.

Sale ends March 2nd."
Feb 15, 2006
I wanted to post my recent experience with Neiman Marcus. I went to Neiman Marcus tonight to return a few items that did not fit. Since I live in the Washington Metro area, I went to the store in Mazza Galleria - which I HATE. The customer service at this store is the absolute WORST I have ever experienced. Anyway, I was aware of the new policy for web returns, which is posted in the store. It states all web returns must accompany a receipt. Understanding this to be the policy, I printed the eletronic receipt I received when I made my purchases. To my surprise, I was informed the "receipt" must contain a bar code - you know the shipping sticky you receive with your order, THAT'S the RECEIPT. Nowhere in the store did it say the "receipt" must contain a bar code or even that the "packing slip" is the receipt. Given the fact I drove 1.5 hours to this store in order to do the return, I was beyond furious. Luckily, I needed to visited Saks, Barneys, Nordstrom and DSW, which are also in the area. However, now that I have come home, gone through the empty boxes and located the "packing slips", I am returning to the store tomorrow and have decided to return ALL of my purchases. :yahoo:

I refuse to pay $600 for shoes, not to mention all of my other purchases and deal with a Mickey Mouse atmosphere. When NM hires some of the clowns it has working for it, it needs to take into consideration its clientele and the amount of money WE "invest" into the business. Frankly, I was less upset about the return - although I was pretty heated - I was more upset with the poor customer service I received. There was one lady who I think may be head of customer service. If she isn't - she sure thinks she is - eating what appeared to be peanuts while instructing the others to refuse the return without the "packing slip".

I have a call into corporate. However, I can tell you based on this experience and others in this particular store, Neiman Marcus has lost a loyal customer. :cursing:
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Oct 7, 2006
Hi Designerbagcarrier...

Ok, I'm glad this thread is still open. I have to agree with you that NM has the absolute WORST customer service as well. It's unreal about the supposed "barcode" that it must be present to do a return. The reality is NM can't afford to return our money to us the day we return the item -- this is why they are enforcing this policy of receiving a "ticket" of some sort that says you left the merchandise w/them, but now they are forwarding it to their central location to process the return.

If they refund your money right then and there, it immediately debits their merchant account for any sale they may have made that day.. and if they made no sales, it basically debits their checking account. I'm sure there is an overwhelming amount of returns from all the sale merchandise they've had up on the website over the past few months. I know I've pretty much returned every single I've purchased on there because when I received the item the item wasn't what I expected.

so NM is basically charging us to float the return for the approx. 2 weeks it will take them to "process"... It stays on your credit card until someone there refunds your money. When they get around to it.

Nice, huh? :nuts:


Aug 24, 2008
Austin, TX
Lately Last Call has had some sort of extra sales every weekend, just naming it after or extending it from the closest holiday. I really think they are hurting bad due to the economy and especially since the heavy discounting at Neiman's full line stores was actually better pricing. A manager told me last month they are getting killed that they were getting better merchandise than normally- but were having a hard time moving it since they were past seasons or less than perfect quality and only discounted 33-40% off retail.