NM Last Call pre-sale BH

  1. I got a call from my SA...NM pre-sale for Last Call is Saturday, Sunday, & Monday in Beverly Hills.
  2. I was there today....OMG.....they had lots of great merchandise, especially shoes!
  3. I'm going tomorrow! What's the discount??
  4. The shoes and clothes I bought were between 60-70% off, it was amazing!
  5. Do tell, do tell! What brands were still available? I would love to get a pair of Chanel flats but that's probably wishful thinking.
  6. are these just for things that are already on sale and then further reduced?
  7. They had a few pair of Chanel shoes but not many, mostly in smaller
    sizes, I got 2 pair of Manolo's which I couldn't believe! ($165 per pair!)
    I also bought some Vince shorts, MJ tops.....that's basically what I wear so I did not look at the "grown up" clothes ha.
  8. Also in shoes they had several YSL, Gucci and Prada styles
  9. what a bad influence! I checked out the shoes and didn't see anything left that I liked. Some cute Pradas and plenty of Manolos but not my style. I went up stairs and the girls in the clothing dept were going crazy! I presaled a pair of Colette Sevens for $50 and a pair of MJs. Not much left in MJ, but still lots of Vince, Theory, etc.