NM Last Call/Off 5th type stores - Balenciaga carried there?

  1. I just read a thread on MUA's fashion board that said someone saw a Balenciaga bag at their NM Last Call and she described it as a "one handled, locked front." :shocked: I'd pass out if it was a Day she was describing.. do these things really happen? Balenciaga is found at NM Last Call and other similar places? *plans trip to outlet mall ASAP*

    Thank you ladies, you're all extremely helpful! I can't wait to join the Balenciaga club!
  2. That sounds more like a chloe paddington than a bbag. Bbags don't have locks that I am aware of. The only discount place I have ever seen bbags is Barney's warehouse sale. They had the Besace messengers there this winter. (I did not see them there personally, but a friend did) I don't think you will find them at Saks or NM outlet stores.

  3. I've been to the Saks Off-Fifth & N/M Last Call ... never seen a Balenciaga bag ... PERIOD!!!

    Since neither of these stores carry as much Balenciaga stock as Barneys, it's extremely doubtful that they would have an errant Motorcycle bag around. What your friend was probably referring to, was one of the other bags (I know there was one with a single strap and silver clasp/attachment in the front - as a matter of fact, one of the celeb "rags" recently had a picture of Lindsay Lohan carrying one) that just aren't as popular ... hence the reason it's "on sale".

    Last time I was at N/M Last Call (outside Houston), I can't say that there was a good selection of nice handbags period! They were all pretty picked over and the reason why they were there, was because they were all pretty ugly, frankly!

    Sorry ...
  4. Hi, don't want to barge in or anything, just passing through, but I saw the title so...

    I'm suspicious that the Balenciaga/Last Call Outlet sighting you mentioned might have been this bag.


    During the winter sales and throughout NM's last call sales, they had at least a dozen and a half, maybe 2 dozen of these bags in a very large size, in distressed looking leather, in sort of marine blues, forest greens, and a medium camel color sitting on various tables (sorry, don't know the Balenciaga color names) at the Houston NM store (not the outlet, the one in the Galleria) They just didn't sell at all in Houston, even marked down to $400. I don't know if it was a size issue or what. The leather was really beautiful. Anyway, there were so many of them left, I pretty much figured they'd end up in a Last Call store somewhere. If any other Balenciaga bags went on sale at the Houston NM, BTW, they didn't last past Thanksgiving of 2006.

    Anyway, FWIW.
  5. I actually asked the sa at the accessories dept at NM Last Call if she every saw anything balenciaga, she said "NO, and if a bag happened to come in one of the SA's would take it immediately" LOL
    Don't blame them.:p
  6. I don't know about this time of year. But last year I remember when NM had a last call sale some Balenciaga items went on sale. Mainly, the CITYs in pony hair and "east-west" bags. And of course some really weird looking Balenciaga styles.
  7. I saw a couple of Balenciagas at a Barney's outlet once - they were mini-classiques and were behind a glass case with the jewelry. I didn't understand how cool they were at the time and DID NOT EVEN GET A CLOSE LOOK. Foolish, I know. This was a couple of years ago. I think it would be highly unlikely to find anything that cool at a Barney's outlet now. The last few times I've gone there was nothing but Barney's label stuff there.