NM last call in milpitas...reporting back!

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  1. oh my MJ, ladies....it was a sight to see! as eisse told me, the NM last call in milpitas (SF bay area for those of you that aren't local) opened today....i just had to run down & see what was there. and it was crazy! sophias, MPs and venetias as far as the eye could see! the only down side was that they didn't have any of the usual 20%/30%/35% off...so they were pretty expensive (for an outlet price). the sophias were $610, for example....hard to swallow, except that they had a lot of rare colors (see below)

    so, i'm attaching pics of the displays...i didn't get all of them. but here's what i remember:

    tons of small MPs - in emerald from '04, sap green, tomato, and a bright lime green (don't know the color name). no large MPs.

    lots of sophias - dark indigo, peacock, washed rose, spearmint...lots of hard-to-find colors.

    venetias - tapioca, a neutral tan color, spearmint, and a dark pink, i believe.

    one passionfruit selma (small)

    one white perf line tote

    several totes that had the side pockets like a MP, but were just smooth leather on the front & back.

    one gold cammie, and several other gold bags, including a long skinny bag with 2 handles...the name "daria" sounds familiar, but i could be wrong.

    lots of "mystery" MJ bags that must have been from many seasons ago. i attached a pic of one that had me especially stumped...any ideas? bag.lover?? :smile: the color looks metallic, but was actually a dark, forest green type color.

    if anyone wants to call & order, 408-941-1623. ashley was the woman who helped me, and she was fabulous. she's actually the lead in the men's department, but she was super helpful...and the men's department is probably the only one slow enough this weekend to actually send out a bag - the handbag salespeople were seriously mobbed!

    PS: for those who bought selmas from the NY sale, they have the exact same taupe selmas at Saks off 5th in milpitas for $660 (lg) and $610. even my DH was impressed that we got such a deal!
    big display.jpg MPs.jpg mystery bag.jpg sophias & venetias.jpg tote-tomato MP-sophias.jpg
  2. Thanks for the pictures and report! Looks like you hit the motherload!
  3. Fall 04's KIRSTEN in Dk Forest. =)
    It also came in Black, Acorn, Orchid, Lt Petrol Blue, Sage, ..
  4. yes, thanks for posting! i love seeing what stores have!
  5. Shoppingsmycard, thanks for the report. =)

    From recent reports of various outlets, there are always so many Multipockets & Sophias in '04 colors (Bark, Caramel, Dk Indigo, Emerald, Fuschia, Peacock Blue, Rose Quartz, Sap Green, Washed Rose, Spearmint, Tapioca, Thistle, Tomato, ..)
  6. Row 1: SOFT CALF Multipocket in Sap Green (Fall 04)
    Row 2: URSULA Lee in Lime (Spring 06), SOFT CALF Multipocket in Emerald (Resort 04)

  7. Row 1: SOFT CALF New Sophia,
    PERFORATED Flat Tote in White (Resort 05),
    SOFT CALF Tote in Putty (Spring 06)

    Row 2: SOFT CALF Jane in Black (Spring 06),
    SOFT CALF Multipocket in Thistle (Fall 04)

    Row 3: SOFT CALF Venetia in Tapioca (Resort 04),
    SOFT CALF New Sophia in Dk Indigo (Fall 04),
    SOFT CALF E/W Tote in Stone (Fall 04) - color looks different in the other pic,
    SOFT CALF Multipocket in Tomato (Resort 04)

  8. shoppingsmycard - I'm glad you got a chance to go!! What a great report and pics you brought back!! I've seen many of those same bags at my LC's except for the perforated tote and those larger totes with one pocket on each end. I love the tomato small MP!!:love: And yes you're right about the "long, skinny gold bag." It's called the Daria. I remember seeing one of those as well.

    Now, you'll just have to watch for those sales they're always having to hopefully get a MJ bag on sale. Over the last few months, I've been able to get 30% off one bag and 20% off another during these type sales. Also, try to sign up for their e-mail program. They'll send you special sales notices and coupons as well.
  9. shoppingsmycard...ooh my GOD!! :nuts:Thanks for the eye candy! I'm glad that you were able to get down there. Did you pick anything up? FYI...If you already have a NM card...you always get 5% off your purchase!
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  11. ill be there tommorrow....that lime ursala is gorg!
  12. oops my bad! replied to the wrong thread!
  13. dang....bag.lover, you never cease to impress me! they had a bunch more of the ursula lee style....just not captured in pics. one was a really pretty sky blue color.

    it was a MADhouse over there...really crazy. my SA actually ended up giving me 20% off my highest priced item, which was very cool of her. i was asking the SAs what other bags they had, and they said "nothing. they're all gone." it was so funny!

    can't wait to see the reports on what everyone else brings back!
  14. nice report. so i guess NM LC is not doing the additional 20% off handbags anymore eh...
  15. I want that indigo sophia!!! GORGEOUS!!

    Thanks for the report SMC, wish I lived in the bay area!