NM Last Call Consolidation, 11 Stores Only, 75% off

  1. Just passing on some news: I got an email giving me a heads up that the NM is trying out having a Last Call Consolidation Sale, where all Last Call items are consolidated at 11 stores. There's additional 25% markdowns from Last Call prices. The sale starts Thursday, Feb 7, but they'll presale things starting tomorrow officially, tonight unofficially.

    I just left the Houston NM store and there were tons and tons of shoes. Handbag selection was limited, but shoe selection looked pretty good.

    I don't know what other stores are getting this Consolidation Sale, but thought you ladies might want to check it out. :flowers:
  2. This sounds great! Since you said the shoe collection looked good, did you notice any Louboutins or Manolos? Because I would love to be that lucky.
  3. A few Loubous, lots and lots of Manolos. There's some stuff that didn't appeal to me, but there were some really pretty shoes and boots. They seemed to have a decent selection in all sizes.
  4. Thanks. :flowers:
  5. Did the email say which stores?
  6. do you also know the price range by any chance??
  7. anyone know if there is any locations in SoCal that will be having the Last Call?
  8. King of Prussia??
  9. how about vegas?

    is it women only or men too?
  10. The email mentioned that Houston was among 11 stores, and it didn't name the stores. If you called stores around you, I'm sure someone there would be able to tell you if yours is participating.

    Prices were good. I can't remember exact numbers, but most things I looked at were 75% or more off original prices. I did see a funky metallic blue python Stam bag for less than $1400, originally more than $4K. There were manolos that I think will ring up for well under $200. They had a few suede and leather Balenciagas that are around $500-$600, and a matelasse Balenciaga small bag for around $400 or so. I don't know Balenciaga style names, so I'm pretty useless for telling exactly what they were.

    I'm sorry, I can't remember exact prices. These are ballpark numbers. There are signs all over the tables saying 25% off of lowest price.

    It was stuff from lots of categories, including men's and women's clothing, shoes, handbags, etc.
  11. Tysons Corner is having the sale as well.
  12. Is Franklin Mills on the list?

  13. Thanks for the info! Do you remember what color the Matelasse was?
  14. kind of a medium brown/tobacco color.

    ^ and thanks for the link to the article! Cool!