NM Last Call Colorado Mills

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  1. Here are three pictures which show what was in stock at NMLC at Colorado Mills.
    The two white edith ones were beautiful...$1040
    A chocolate Edith for $510
    Another Edith for $464...I'm unsure of the exact color name, I'm guessing whiskey, since it is a bit more orangey than my nutmeg. The reaseon for the price drop is that this bag is missing the two leather loops at the front pocket where the strap feeds into after going through the buckle.
    I'm unsure of the cost of the tracy in black, betty in patent red and edith bowler in black.

    SA: Carole 303.273.5440

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  2. Wow, thanks!! However, just called to check some prices and found out if you haven't shopped in the store, they cannot ship out of state -- a new criteria that was put into effect a couple of weeks ago, re: Carol. She asked if I had shopped in that store before, of course, I said no----no shipping. Hmmmmm. Wasn't going to buy anything, but found this interesting.
  3. OMG!!! thanks ceseeber for sharing. I'm so tempted to get the chocolate edith...and the red Betty is gorgeous!!!

    oh no llson what a bummer....that's how i got my whiskey edith from NMLC in Arizona few months ago. I guess they had a lot of ladies doing that and changed their policy. Man...what am I gonna do now?!?!:girlsigh:
  4. If anyone calls can you ask the price of that Betty!?

  5. That betty is gorgeous:drool:!!!

  6. But it's really BIG. I've seen it in real life and it's luggish big.

  7. :shame: Thats why I love it!!!! I seen a lady at Nordies awhile back carrying that bag and I couldn't stop starring at her(Betty):lol:...

  8. Laughing!! Then this is your DAY??:graucho: That color is divine as you know!!
  9. I agree! I saw that Betty at the Billion Dollar Babes sale a while back and am :noggin:for not getting it. It's really a beautiful color IRL! I don't like patent too much but this one! :love: Let us know if you get it!
  10. Can you just be bad and lie? "Sure - I've shopped the store before". (I would look up the address ahead of time and throw that in too...). They used to ask this at one point when shopping North Carolina discounted furniture on the phone and it would always be (wink wink) "you shopped at the store here - right"?
  11. LOL.....You are so right, I did think of that, however, she sounded pretty stern, like she was going to ask me questions:hrmm:..............I do go to Colorado skiing.
    I've also done the NC furniture thing too. (wink-wink):angel:
  12. The Betty's gone! :crybaby:I guess it was not meant to be...for now. :girlsigh:

    llson, I must have spoken with the same lady you spoke with. I asked about shipping to Canada just to see what she would say, and she was very clear about the new rules. Yikes!

    By the way, she did say they just got a couple of Paddingtons in, if anyone's interested. Sorry, no details, but prices were $1040-1065.
  13. I got the call from them an hour ago: it's a tan paddington for $1040 and a chocolate paddington for $1065
  14. Also, when I talked with her, she said emphatically "no extra 20% discount on Chloe", however, all the other NMLC's I called (2 or 3) have offered the extra 20%. That store maybe has had a bad experience with shipping?? The other stores also said they would ship out of state.

    I believe it was the Austin, TX store that told me they had LOTS of Chloe's, including a black patent chain Betty for (I think) around $1000.
  15. Called NMLC Austin and the black patent Betty is $1295 less 20% = $1036! Not sure about the chain handle but I am definitely tempted. Thanks for the tip, llson!