NM last call Chloe Ediths

  1. I was at NM last call in milpitas last nite and there were 3 chocolate ediths and 2 ivory ediths for $510. Great deal there!

    There were other edith bowlers and Tracy's too, but I didn't check the price on those.
  2. Messengers or regular satchel?
    Thanks for the post!!
  3. regular satchel. =) I sooooo would've gotten it if it's messenger! hehe

    You're welcome.
  4. oh yea...i saw some on some SA putting purses on hold last nite, so you girls should call soon if you want them!
  5. oh no! don't tempt me!
  6. Do you by chance have a phone number?
  7. 408-941-1623
    1230 Great Mall Drive
    Milpitas, CA 95035
  8. Thank you thank you!
  9. Whoo hoo..I just call NM on the West Coast((I'm in CT) and ordered my first Chloe in chocolate. Plus, I used my NM card and saved another 5%!!! Thanks for the heads up......btw, she said they have several chocolate ediths. I can't wait to get it!!!!

  10. Thank you so much. I just called and ordered the chocolate. My sister who lives in San Jose is going to pick it up for me
  11. Yay! Congrats! You will LOVE that bag, it's my fav chloe. It's a great staple...I held on to it for 20 mins...but couldn't spend the money now(fiance told me a firm no...haha), so I'll just have to wait for the next deal. I'm so glad you girls got it! ;)
  12. Ya'll are getting me into so much trouble! :nuts: I'm ordering one now. This will be my 2nd Edith. I already have one in jade. But, I think this style is so classic.
  13. will they ship? oh goodness!
  14. Yes, they ship. Shipping is $12.75. I spoke with Erica Gonzales - SA.
  15. Do they charge CA tax or the tax of the state you are from?