NM Last Call Auburn Hills - 20% OFF

  1. They will be having a sale starting Wednesday. I believe it's 20% off most things including handbags. They don't have a large collection of bags, but there are a ton of dresses and shoes.
  2. :crybaby: OH NO.... I have been waitting for this...

    How long does it run? I am out of town this week and won't be back until next Tuesday... I know its probably over by then...
  3. Thanks for posting. As long as we don't get a ton of snow, I'll be checking this out!
  4. Awesome! I will be there to check it out!
  5. as a detroit native....I miss those sales! Things are much less picked over than in NYC....:sad:
  6. I think it will still be going on next week. Once things are tagged 20% off, they will keep going down in price till they are gone.
  7. Thanks couturequeen!! I hope they still have some good stuff left by the time I get back!! :yes:
  8. Very cool! Would you happen to know if it's all NM last calls? or just the Auburn Hills one? thanks!!
  9. The Last Call sales seem to happen at different times ... I'd call your store!