NM just posted a bunch of Chloe bags on their site

  1. They have the ascot tote in tan and the large Tracey satchel in a wine color.
  2. all gone....
  3. arghhh the bags I wanted are gone!!!
  4. OMG, I just bought the Edith AND the Silverado because I couldn't decide and wanted to get in before they were gone. Will they let me return 1 of them even if it's a sale item??? Thanks!!
  5. and they had a gorgeous butter MJ hobo! and of course i took too long looking for free shipping code and now the bag is gone!
  6. You can return sale items, as long as it's within the 30 days of the sale. Better to grab it and return, there's no time to think when they pop up, the great bags go lighting fast!!
  7. yes you can return- i would suggest returning the Edith- the silverado is really nice! congrats on a great buy!
  8. ow, i missed the Tracy!!
  9. that's crazy. I've been checking NM all day and missed it!


    some people got some unbelievable buys!