NM just lowered Be&D Crawford in smoke to $413

  1. Stuff is coming on and off the Neiman Marcus site quickly. The smoke wasn't there earlier in the day. The smoke color is a bit softer than black but still an excellent basic. SALENM is still working for free shipping.

    Also, the prices are changing throughout the day (why?!) so the bag might jump back to $590 without warning. Last night, the brandy color was $413 and the smoke $590 and at the moment those 2 prices have flipped. Great for me since I'm not a fan of the brandy!

    Also, the Botkier trigger in the cognac goatskin is currently $305. When I checked at lunchtime, it was $305 and I snagged the cognac and very luckily the highly elusive Fall06 black trigger. Right after I ordered, the price on the cognac trigger jumped back up to $458 and the black was gone.

  2. I wasn't feeling well and so I couldn't sleep........so what does one do other than to visit the PF at 4:30 AM!! I have become an addict and need HELP!! I just bought the Furla Alberta Large Shoulder Bag ($268) and the Gerard Darel Leather Flap Satchel ($318) fro NM! Just today, I received the Kooba Claudia and the Botkier Crosby from Karizma. Last week I bought from Botkier.com the Bombay Satchel and Tall Hobo!! An Emily bag from Revolve, Aleya NY Kira Barrel from Summerblu, Kooba Braeden and Ada from PlazaToo, .....When is it gonna end? Is there a medication for this fixation? HELP!!!
    I think I need a virus on my PC!! LOL!!!
  3. bagachondriac -

    you're so lucky! they all sound so yummyyyyyy!!! enjoy!! ;)
  4. my god, aren't you broke yet?!?!
  5. I try to limit my bag shopping to the two times a year that major, major discounts appear on brands like Be&D and Botkier. That's January and July. Last July I got my gorgeous hunter green trigger from NM for 65% off. Outside of that, I do get get sucked in by rare deals like Hayden Harnett's online sample sale last 3 months ago.
  6. I just started this fixation about 6-9 months ago, but only since these fantastic sale have started have I gone overboard. I remarried almost 4 years ago and my husband asked that I stop working!!! Now I really have no excuse for buying all these bags except that I LOVE them. Maybe it's the menopause thing !!! Ha! I have been disciplined however in that the most I have spent on a bag was $600 for a sale Chloe Ascot. I bought a Be&D Ava for $350 at the same time......and they have both been in my closet since I bought them....Uncarried! I think my problem is that I love sales. Once these great buys are over and done, I will be okay. Besides, I have two sisters that I love to buy things for, so at least I don't feel good about that. I look at a lot of the collections posted on this PF and Wow!!!! I can't bring myself to pay what a lot of you do for some of these bags. I am envious to say the least.
  7. Oops.....I mean to say that I don't feel as guilty buying them when on occasion I give one to one of my sisters. I had bought a Hayden Harnett Havanah.....never carried it either...so I gave it to my sister!!! (Now I wish I had it back)!! Kidding! I just went through and looked at about ten collections..mostly LV's...Oh My God!!! I would be broke!! How do you afford such a collection?
  8. Bagachondriac, I can relate. I love the sales; simply can't get enough of them. I too can't buy a bag at it's full retail, so I justify buying in bulk when the sales come around. I really need to stop the madness....but I can't. Tried to put myself on a purse ban, but ....needless to say, It's not working!
  9. wah, i regret not getting the Smoke when i first read your post. it was gone after 2 days...and now i'm so sad. ayeeee.
  10. Sorry you missed it! Mine's supposed to arrive tomorrow. This sale time of year is so tempting!!
  11. please take pics and show us when you get it~ enjoy!!


    just realized you also got two Moni Moni bags from the other post i had put up, hehe so envious of you. you have a lot of new additions for the new year, that is great! :smile:

    i'm currently waiting for my MBMJ Violet Tote and Andrea Brueckner Medium Saddle Bag, both in brown, to come via international air mail. can't wait!! hope they're nice.
  12. I did recognize your id when I saw your post here--thanks again for the Moni Moni sale tip. The shopdollyrocker.com sale is still going. The advantage of the MM bags is that they're really lightweight, probably much lighter than the Be & D. Enjoy your MBMJ and Breuckner!
  13. my andrea brueckner medium saddle bag just arrived today. i think i like it...but i'm not used to the hard handle yet. i'll try to take pics of me wearing the bag this week.

    how about your crawford? pics pics pics! ;)