NM - Just Added Kooba,Bulga & Cole Haan to Clearance

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  1. NM bugs the heck outta me!! I have had the Kooba Brynne in my shopping bag since before I posted these additions. My shopping bag shows 1 item in it and yet when I attempt to check out I am told to enter a lower quantity!! How can this be?
  2. omg, what a great deal!!! but all sold out :sad:

    Thanks for the info though
  3. The cream Kooba Shoulder bag is again available and I'm holding it in my cart at the checkout....will release it in 5 minutes so someone can have it. Actually, my having it in my cart might not mean that it's secure...I mean, is it up for grabs until which point I have completed the checkout process???
  4. Yes, it's up for grabs until you completely finish the checkout process!! I learned the hard way when I lost out on a Vince sweater because I was still shopping for other items.
  5. Thanks smallbag for letting me know!! That explains why I lost the bag earlier this evening! I figured that God was looking out for me!! HEHE! Already this month I bought the Erotokritos, a Gerard Darel, and 3 Be&D (I think that's all). That is definitely a sin...and this was after a Rafe and 2 Gryson last month. You are all such a bad influence on me....I have no self control! HEHE!:roflmfao:
  6. Nice prices! I just dont like how NM does thir checkout. You usually find out your order has been canceled. Good Luuck to everyone who got them.
  7. You got another GD BAG! Which one did you get??? :flowers:
  8. I had that Bulga in my cart but managed to control myself and not hit the "submit" button during checkout... whew! That was tempting.

  9. Hi beauxgoris. I ordered the Havana 'working girl' in red. Using code toutie, I was able to get 30% off, but it was still more than I wanted to pay. Anooshka says this one is not like the down-market one that I and several others bought there and returned earlier in the summer. It takes about 3 weeks to receive the bag, so hopefully I will have it by mid November. Can't wait...just hope I love it.

  10. I have the brynne. Its a great bag!
  11. I had the brynne in my cart last night, but when I went to check out....it was gone!!
  12. I also like that bag! You do know that you can use code toutie for 30% off...although the price is still steep! After the discount, my Havana was $525. The day after I spoke with Anooshka to place the order I emailed her to ask that she switch it from a red to a taupe bag. She never responded and I now see that the red is no longer showing up on her website. Oh well....I needed a nice red bag anyway. As soon as it comes, I'll post pics. I think that I'm more excited about the two Be&D Charlize bags that I'm picking up today from NM. Having never even heard of this style, I was amazed at how beautiful it was when I saw it in NM last week. The leather is soooo soft and squishy. The smaller navy one is too small to carry on my shoulder, but that's okay. I paid more for each of these than I paid for the GD. Eventually, I would love to have a Bottega and if I hadn't bought all these medium-priced bags, I could've had at least one!!
  13. Just curious why it takes 2-3 weeks for them to ship the orders? I could drive across the country and back in that amount of time! :graucho: