NM- Isabella Fiore Kristen Clutch $53-Cute Gift Item!!

  1. It's cute but the item is not available anymore.
  2. DAMN! Would have LOVED one!
  3. Wow...that was fast! It was there..I had it in my cart and decided against it (waiting and hoping for another Kooba or Gustto).
  4. Did you get your Kooba? Meaning they didn't cancel it on you? I love that Bark one!
  5. That's a deal my hub would have approved of. Very cute. Sad it's gone.
  6. Don't know! Grrrrrrr! I cancelled it in honey late Saturday night after sending a PM to Judy ....I could have sworn she was logged on. Knowing that I didn't need two, I wanted her to have a chance at it. Well, as it turns out, she wasn't online and missed it. Dagnabit! I felt soooo bad. At this point and time, I've heard nothing from NM about the one in the bark color. In checking my online account, it states that it is processing...whatever that means for NM!! If I get it, I'll be happy because I have wanted this bag for a long time. Should I not get it, I won't be upset because it was obviously meant to be. Besides, my eyes are glued to NM for more bargains. HEHE!
  7. Doh! Stinks I missed it, my 16 year old cousin would have loved it for Christmas!
  8. Wish you get the kooba,or I'll complain NM for you. Sometimes it works. During last big sale in June, I ordered 13 bags but got cancelled on all of them. I was so mad and complained to a SA for around half an hour. Then the second day when I checked my order history, 5 of the bag orders became processed again. :hysteric:

  9. Go figure!:nogood::rolleyes::shrugs: Their clearance sales are TDF...that is, as long as you receive the item. I did receive an email confirming the shipment of my D&G Calfskin Tote! Yeah! 1 out of 2...can't complain here!