NM in Tyson's Cruise stock....

  1. I went shopping last night with my darling boyfriend...

    Stopped by the neiman in Tyson's VA.

    They had some peices from the Cruise collection. A lot of the new modern chain bags for cruise.

    I was carrying my modern chain glazed N/S totes and the SA went googy googy eyes over it! Haha!

    After inspecting the Cruise Ligne, they are soo cheap! The chain is plastic and the leather is not flattering at all!

    She had a lot of other peices though.. so if your looking for a bag just let me know and I can tell you if she had it.
  2. thanks for the update! i agree about the newest modern chain, i was not impressed either.
  3. Hi Biondina,

    Do they have the Melrose Flap?

  4. No, I did not see that there. Sorry.
  5. Any big melrose bags? They look like to cabas or the clutches?
    Did you see metallic symbols-it looks so cheap.
  6. Nope, they didn't have those either, just the modern chain and one more..but I can't think of the name.
  7. its cool. i just sent the sa there a text. thanks for your info. btw
    nm in short hills price increase is the 6th.
  8. Hi I was wondering if you saw the black baby cabas? Thanks!
  9. This is what I thought when I saw the pic of it. The CC's looked like they were an iron-on patch or something. LOL! ..........nevermind the chain.