NM in Troy, MI - Balenciaga Inventory!! Older colors galore!!

  1. We had a great time shopping today at the tPF meet in Troy, MI!! :tup: You guys rock!

    While browsing at NM, there seems to be a gold mine of older colors waitting for new homes!!! Let me know if you need more info - but ask for "LISA", a fantastic SA that will be more then happy to help you out with Balenciaga questions, etc.

    06 BLUEBERRY DAY - Someone please give this poor bag a home... :crybaby: :crybaby:Otherwise, I'm going to have to go get it and then find MYSELF a new home when DH finds out I have two bags in the same color....

    06 INK WORK - It's still there!! Someone grab it up!!
    06 Grenat Work
    06 CAMEL First - Very pretty color...

    Other things that I remember seeing off the top of my head...
    - Blue Glacier Work
    - Anthracite GH Part-time (GORGEOUS!!)
    - Truffle First
    - Truffle Twiggy
    - GH Traveler clutch in white
    - Vermillion Giant Hobo
    - Emerald Purse... and there was another Emerald bag, but I've forgotten what style it was.... (A work maybe??)

    I'll post anything else I can remember... there were alot of Work bags, a few Mid-Afternoon bags, and a few additional Part-Time bags... However, I was so pre-occupied carrying the Blueberry Day around... I wasn't able to focus on much else!! :rolleyes:

    (PS - I asked for you guys... but they had NO bbags on sale.)
  2. D.....you are SO on top of things :tup:

    It was great meeting you--! I had a lot of fun! Let's meet up again soon!
  3. LOL... I am sure my husband probably has a different opinion - but thanks!!

    You guys were great!! I had lots of fun - we have to meet more regularly now!! (So I can drool over all of you ladies' Chanel bags!! WOWZA!)
  4. Thanks for the info...Lisa was great...unfortunately they do not have the bags I am looking for. No Griege and no Apple Green :crybaby:
  5. It was so much fun meeting you ladies!!! We must do it again, soon!!!

    Just in case, Lisa's direct dial number (248) 635-8442!
  6. Oh yes... sorry - maybe I should have been a bit more specific with the title... They had alot of 06 colors (a few that popped up out of nowhere!!) and then definately some Spring bags they didn't have before...

    Nothing older then an 06 bag though.
  7. Thanks Bags4Bubbles for the above info. There isn't any 07 cafe work right? i'm lookin for that.....sigh
  8. Celia- definitely call Lisa Hamlin and tell her what you are looking for. She, if anyone, will be able to find it. She is also one of only a few SA's at NM that know Balenciaga well!
  9. Like Jag mentioned... I would just call and check, Lisa is very nice!!

    There were definately more bags there then what is on my list... This is just listed what stuck out in my mind & that I could definately remember...

    There were some brown bags and I think some brown works, but I can't remember whether they were Cafe or Truffle. (I'm guessing truffle... but call just in case!!)
  10. how did this bag look? really saturated color? would you say this bag had a lot of veins? thanks!
  11. how is the leather on the ink work?
  12. Thanks Jag, appreciate it...will do that...thanks
  13. Will do that...thanks so much, Bags4Bubbles:heart: