NM in TROY has Chanel Python Clutch at $1,400

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  1. In addition to the clutch they have 2 pairs of size 40 Chanel wedges for $258. Try to get Lisa there for more info
  2. Hmmm... tempting
  3. Do you know which wedges?
  4. They have a wood heel with a metal cc logo on the back of the heel. The thick leather strap is either black or tan. She had only 40's left

    Sorry I thought I had uploaded the pics but they needed to be resized

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  5. ohhh...super tempting...I'm itching to whip out to Somerset sometime soon but it's 1.5hr away. Hoping to make the trek in two weeks time - hopefully they'll still have some deals then!

    Any other Somerset sales that are noteworthy?