NM (in Store) purse sale starts 11/27/07

  1. My SA at NM, told me the designer sale starts on Tuesday, 11/27/07. I was there on Friday, and some of the bags are no longer on the floor. The store in Tyson's Corner, VA was not doing a pre-sale, so, I was told to get there early on Tuesday. The SA I spoke with was Quincy (703)761-1600, ext 3025.
  2. Thanks for the post!!!!!!
  3. I just called the NM at Mazza Gallerie, DC. They are doing a presale - (202) 966-9700. Y'all might want to call your local NM to see if they're doing a presale.
  4. My SA called this afternoon and said the sale starts tomorrow. Funny how the stores differ.
  5. I went there on Black Friday and have already presold 3 pairs of jeans.... hi hi
  6. what's on sale? how much % off?
  7. I called Lisa Hamlin and Troy today and their sale already started today.
  8. I was at Tyson's NM yesterday and was also told the sale starts Tuesday.
  9. I don't know everything that's on sale, but designer handbags should be about 33% off. Chanel and BV usually sell out early. Clothes and shoes will be on sale too, but I'm not sure about the precent off.
  10. Does that include Marc Jacobs bags? If anyone finds out which ones are included, please let us know. Thanks a bunch.
  11. My SA in San Diego told me to come in today or tomorrow, so I assume it already started there.
  12. I was at the Northbrook Court Mall in Chicago and nothing was on sale.
  13. tysons corner?? my SA called yesterday too. thats what she said.
  14. I went to NM Mazza Gallerie, DC today. The pre-sale started today. If you want anything, contact SA Faye Fedder, (202)966-9700 ext. 2232, Toll free- 1-877-634-6261. NM will ship.

    They had several BV - a bronzey colored woven bag with a braided handle, several ombre bags in tan, a sloane in noce, a bag that looked like a sloane with a zipper in a muted reddish color and two large venetas with the ombre in a red and brown.
    There were a few guccis - I saw a brit tote and suede hobo.
    They had some MJ - patchwork venetia in silver, fuschia aloyna, a natural christy, burgandy juliane and some others.
    They had some chloe - a black bay and a cloth paddy. There were some others that I don't remember.
    They had not yet put the pradas out. But there will be some on sale.
    If you call Faye, she'll let you know what else was put out for the sale.
  15. Will the sale also be online? There is a Burberry bag I am interested in.