NM in scottsdale, az...

  1. do they only accept amex and nm charge cards? I tried to purchase a chanel bag over the phone and they told me no visa, is that true? tia.
  2. Yes, it's true. You can only use Visa or M/C if you are there, at the store, in person, and it has to be at least over $1,000 purchase. I have done this myself several times (at stores besides the Vegas location, which always takes Visa & M/C), but it seems to also be at the store manager's discretion.
  3. yup, a lot of the NM (I think only Vegas does?) in the states only accept cash, Amex, NM Card, or check up front. But I guess you can get a manager to override it according to AprilValentine =)

    I heard you can call customer service and buy a gift card with your Visa and then use that gift card to purchase what you want
  4. Yup!! That is the same with NM @ TRoy. I was there in Dec. FOund some great gucci shoes, and when I wanted to check out, they asked if I have NM card or Amex. I said i dont, so they sent me down to customer service to buy a gift card for my purchases. I was kinda pissed at the time, but since I love the shoes so much so I have to dragged my husband to get the darn gift card. Wonder why the visa or MC has no power at their stores.
  5. Do they accept gift cards over the phone because I live in Honolulu.
  6. Yes.
  7. I've used my Visa at that Neiman's, but it had to over $1,000 purchase.
  8. Yes, that is true. The only NM that will accept Visa appears to be the NM in Las Vegas.