NM in San Francisco

  1. They had a returned magenta shoulder clutch and a Rouge Vif Money as of last night!
  2. OMG~ magenta shoulder clutch!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  3. I just called it's not there!:crybaby:
  4. OMG are you serious?? It was there like an hour before closing!!! Did the lady you spoke with sound like she knew what she was talking about? I only ask because yesterday I was asking about that and other older colors and one of the girls was completely clueless!
  5. I bet it was grabbed pretty quick. But hasnt it been a while since the Magenta was available? If its a return I wonder what kind of condition it was in.
  6. The condition was good and the leather/distressing wasn't too bad either- it kind of made me miss my first a little. Lots of people were oogling over it, but while I was there the fascination always shifted back to the larger bags and it got put back in the glass case. :shrugs:
  7. I called and spoke to a guy. I asked and he had me on hold for 10 seconds and came back and said, "Sorry we don't have it". That was that! Someone probably bought it?!:sad:
  8. didnt a store in FL have one? I read that somewhere.
  9. I was at NM in SF today. No clutch :sad:
  10. That would have been a lovely find :sad:
  11. I work in handbags in NM SF. The clutch was there on Saturday in the display case when I was there. I will have to check tommorrow when I get in!
  12. Okay I sold the Rouge VIF Money (wallet) today and I put the magenta shoulder clutch on hold for you girls. If anyone is interested, please call me (Christine) at 415-362-3900 ext 2166. I won't be able to check PMs at work so it's best to just give me a call.
  13. OMG!! How much is it?
  14. I saw it in the glass case on Saturday when I was ordering my bag.

  15. YOU GO GIRL!!:yahoo:

    funny how a couple gals called and were told it wasn't there.:confused1: