NM in Paramus, NJ

  1. I should have written them down...sorry

    vermillion Day :heart:
    black First
    black Part Time
    sapin Part Time
    truffle First
    White City
    sapin Courier
    truffle mini-bowling
    grenat mini-bowling
    truffle money
    grey colored oval

    dark colored brief (either black or dark blue)
    vermillion First
    bunch of dark blue bags
  2. I didn't see any grass green or french blue
  3. At NM SF they have a some grass green bags with GH (including one day). They also had a French Blue City with GH.

    They also had some Blue India bags (including a city!)

    I'll have to post pix of the natural day with GH that my mom purchased (but I plan to steal... :rolleyes: )
  4. hi esiders! thanks so much for the information...was curious if you got a chance to see the truffle mini-bowling...did it look nice? am debating exchanging a bag i bought at NM...
  5. Where else can I find a french blue First or City?
  6. Yes the truffle mini-bowling did look nice...the leather looked great, not too veiny. :yes:
  7. thanks again esiders! hope to get out to NM again soon!
  8. Gosh darn it all ... the Neiman Marcus here in Boston doesn't sell Balenciaga because Barneys & Louis Boston do. However, it seems as though both Barneys and L/B always order the most B-O-R-I-N-G colors :crybaby: !!!

    Do the S/A's work on commission ... I wonder if you can go into one store and ask them to get a bag for you from another store?
  9. i got the sense that NM could track down a bag for me from any store in the system although i was at a store that had balenciagas so they had the style numbers to be able to do this...
  10. Hmmm ... maybe it's just the staff at the Boston store. Whenever I've asked, they've always just said "no, we don't carry Balenciaga ..." and that was it!
  11. hey ceejay! i actually had the chance to stop in NM today so asked about this...they said that if there is a bag that NM carries, but is not in their store, you can look through their lookbook and then they can call around and find it for you...wonder why the boston store won't help you, maybe you can call another store? hope this helps...