NM in Atlanta presale

  1. there were a lot of ediths and tracys...and also a TON of marc jacobs bags...they even had a sweet debbie hobo in white marked down to 1100 from 1800...but the studs were kinda scratched.
    They had a lot of the stams...the baby ones and the pythons/metallics
  2. oh ya forgot....there were also a ton of bettys...red and brown and beige patent...and also some non patent ones
  3. Carmen - Did you notice any Marc Jacobs zip clutches or multipockets? I am looking for a ZC in either olive or topaz and the large MP or Eva in Topaz.

  4. ^^^ Oops - I wish the lrge MP came in topaz - I meant lrg MP in Olive.
  5. do you remember how much the baby stam was?
  6. I dont think there were any MJ clutches...I think they had a debbie punk cosmetic bag (not exactly sure what it was...but it could have been a cluth) in white and a magenta ish color (sorry I dont know all the names).
    They did have some MJ multi pockets...in white/ivory I believe.

    The baby stam was around $500
  7. $500 is a good deal for a baby stam!