NM Hawaii has some elvires and other bags on sale...

  1. When you call ask for Sherry, she was sooooo helpful and patient.:flowers:

    She had a few elvire styles including the hobo, and she had a brown audra + some other brands....
  2. Mona, how much were the discounts? I love Sherri too, she's so sweet.
  3. not as great as Saks or Nordies....I think the hobo was around $600!
  4. I still have that Elvire hobo they sent me by mistake from Nordies. I called Saks and they have theirs marked down to $576 or so. I was charged $856, but I am sending it back. If someone wants it, PM me and I'll tell you the store it's going to. You should be able to get a price match to Saks because Nordies is really good about PM'ing.

    I'm sending it Wednesday, if anyone is interested.