NM has the Pocket Paddy...

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  2. i think its the medium
  3. Pretty sure its medium, the pocket on the large is way bigger
  4. You're right, I see that BG has the big one for $1825. Or maybe it's the medium but more expensive in the metallic?
  5. i think it's more expensive in metallic. does anyone know what color sunflower is?
  6. its the medium but more exp because its metallic
  7. The medium is pictured above. I returned my tan to NM BH yesterday. They had the jaune in stock as well. Received a call from HB that they received gold (think it was medium).
  8. jaune/dijon/mustard/yellow most likely
  9. I am going to guess that is the jaune.

    Edit: Ditto post...
  10. Agree with the others. Based on the pocket size, it looks like the medium. And I'm guessing that Ivory, Tan and Sunflower = Blanc, Tan and Jaune? The world would be a much happier place if everyone would just call the colors the same thing!
  11. I have had both the large (big pocket) and medium. The one pictured is the medium.
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