Nm has some Kooba Spring Bags

  1. I see 5 Spring Koobas listed on NM. Hopefully more will follow soon. Nothing knocks me out. I really had hopes for the Charlie but all it comes in now is black and ivory.

    Kooba Handbags - Neiman Marcus Online
  2. Thanks, Lexie. You're right on top of everything Kooba. I do like the Charlie but I think I prefer the Elisha. The Nicole is listed on eLuxury but the picture is not good at all and it has very little information on the bag. Here is the pic:
  3. wow, I really dislike those metallic ones. I like the pic of the Nicole from Elux though.
  4. I love that Nicole but that leather flap will drive me nuts. I like an open top or zipper top. I am lazy. I don't want to have to unflap then unzip....LOL But I love the leather on that bag. I am still waiting for the Nina.

    Doesn't it drive you crazy when they give you no details. No dimensions, no strap drop, no extra views. They'll pop up on other istes soon. Active endeavors always shows pplenty of pics.
  5. To be honest, I'm scared by those silver bags, :weird: They looked like ghost shadows when I first opened the page and other items were still loading......
  6. Thanks for posting!
  7. First post here (I'm more of a lurker), but I *love* Kooba too and I've been waiting on their spring line as well - anybody know when all of it is coming out? Nothing so far is all that interesting, but according to the link below (I found it through google!), the Natasha will be available in a brown leather in March, which I am so excited for! I love everything about that bag except for that *awful* patent leather, so hopefully this will be my next bag...:yahoo:

  8. Ooooh and INK too!
  9. see i love kooba too and i am really not feeling the new stuff

    i dont love the patent leather ones, and those silver ones i think really are not cute,,, ugh well im so glad i got the kooba's i have i think the older lines are much cuter!
  10. Natasha in brown or ink leather!!! That's worth waiting for. I may get the Nicole if it doesn't have a zipper under the flap. The metallic bags are UGH but I know there are other good looking Spring bags yet to come. I saw them in pre pics.

    I don't know what the name of the Brown Nicole is or if it is even available. On Elux color selection it only says Rose or Ivory with no brown shown. Hmmm.
  11. I really love the Elisha in blonde!!
    Something about that knotted bow that's calling me!
  12. With the Elisha...it's the bow that did it for me, too.
  13. Not nuts about the new stuff. I still think I want a Paige in the future ... maybe a Jessie too.
  14. I love the Elisha. Love the bow and the fact that the rest of the bag is simple!
  15. Ditto! I definitely LOVE the knot. If only it was a little more Kooba'd up with hardware accents... that's the only thing missing IMHO. I'd also like to see the Annie start to get marked down so I can snatch one up!!!