NM has Dior lovely tote cheaper than exluxury

  1. If anyone was thinking about buying the dior lovely tote, NM has it for $690 which is a way better price than exluxury ($901). Which is so weird cause exluxury's prices are usually the same. AND NM has it in pink, as well.


  2. thanks for the info...and a warm welcome to the Forum ! :yahoo:
  3. thank you for the welcome
  4. What a big mistake for Eluxury to make :wtf:
    Since their prices are usually the same I'd assume it's a accidental pricing error.
    I feel sorry for all the girls who've spent a extra $211 without knowing.
  5. whats NM?
  6. ty so much...i was JUST looking at this @ elux
  7. Thanks for the info!