Nm Has Choco And Whiskey Ediths Right Now.

  1. Just as I was conversing with sellers on Ebay about purchasing a Chocolate Edith, I checked one more time on NM and there they were in Whiskey and Chocolate. I know they may be returns but I'd rather be able to return if I don't like rather than be stuck with a non returnable Ebay purchase. Wish me luck PF members. I will take pics when it arrives Friday.:flowers:
  2. It's 30 minutes later and it's looks like they are all gone. I hope some other PF members took advantage of the sale too.
  3. on sale???gulp....
  4. Probably not On sale/discounted, but For Sale, yes? Glad you snagged one Holliwood! Can't wait to see your pics....
  5. I'm sorry if I misstated. They were not on sale. I guess their regular price of around $1200. I was so shocked to see they had Whiskey and Chocolate in Medium that I grabbed a Chocolate and posted as fast as I could. I do hope others were able to take advantage of the NM 15 minute listing. This way if I don't like the texture, I can send back with no problems I figure. I know it's late in the season and I'm taking a chance getting it this late and hope it's not a reject from someone else. I had two in my cart at one time I was so excited. I must have been crazy.
  6. The Medium Ediths are back on NM Right Now!!! Go Get them if you're looking for one. 6/9/06.