NM Has Been Adding More Bags To Clearance Within Last 30 Minutes!!

  1. I already have that in cerise or I would have bought it!! I bought this one...unless of course I hear otherwise from them tomorrow!!

  2. You have the Gryson Rachel? I'm actually having second thoughts now that I looked up a couple of pictures online and realized how huge it is! Does it feel big to you?

    P.S. Love your D&G and the price is great!
  3. must have missed them by mere minutes!!
  4. Sorry ikny...I was in such a hurry to get back to the NM site that I misspoke! I have the Gryson Tate which IMO looks similiar to the Rachel! Having two new Gryson bags is enough for now....I wanted something different. The D&G is sooo cute...hope I love it!!
  5. Wow, some of these prices are insane!
  6. It was about this same time last night that they began adding bags. Obviously, they only have one or two because they are gone in a split second almost!! I was lightening fast in checking out but still lost it! That is so unfair....when you are at the end of the checkout process, how can someone buy it out from under you??
  7. You are so right! I was in the local NM today and these same IF bags were on their sale table at a much higher price.
  8. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly! I just cancelled the Gryson after looking at this picture: http://www.grechenscloset.com/images/articles/shopping/gryson.jpg. I think it's too big for me. So if anyone wants it it just showed up again.
  9. Augh! i must be just a few minutes late! darn!
  10. How do we let tpf members know when we order a sale bag from NM and decide against keeping it. I mean, if I decide after receiving this D&G and the Be&D black Dietrich that they won't work for me, I could have the SA at my local NM hold them for whomever on tpf may want them. If anyone thinks they might be interested, just PM or email me so I can inform you before and if I return either. The Be&D was $413 before tax.