NM Gift Card & Chanel - I was told I was lying!

  1. Ok, this is really long, but I need some advice. Back before the price increase happened in Neiman Marcus, my grandmother and I went to the Chanel section. We both fell in love with the classic black flap but I didn't have the cash on me. Along comes a SA, very nice I might add, who told us that if we open up a NM credit card we will get a $200 gift card in the mail (each of us), and then whispered to us that she tells customers to return the bag and re-purchase it with the credit card. She specifically told us that the gift cards come in the mail BEFORE the statement is due so we'd be able to do it. She wrote down all of the numbers and did the math and showed us what the price would be at the end. God how I wish I saved that paper w/her writing on it. She was extremely nice to my Grandmother and I, hugging us at the end, and sending a Thank You in the mail afterward. I know the thank you is routine for some SA's (have received them from the boutiques before), but this lady was just really sweet.

    Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. The gift card finally comes, 2 days before the bill is due. Mind you it is $100, NOT the $200 as the lady said. My grandma and I go to the store with our bags, and another woman is working. This woman was there the day my grandma and I bought the bags, and KNEW what the original lady was doing bc the original lady had told her. INFACT, the original lady is the manager of that department. I found this out when I told the woman what I wanted to do (return the bags and use the gift cards to re-buy) and the woman looked at me like I had 10 heads. She told me it could not be done. She called the woman who we bought the bags from, and on the phone, the lady said she never told us to use the gift cards on the bag. They suggested I was lying! Why would I make that up???? Same with my Grandma?!?! We both didn't hear the same "wrong" story! The woman suggested I go buy something else in the store, like a "burberry scarf." I had no time to argue as I had to leave the state in an hour since my graduation was the following day, so my grandma returned her bag, and I kept mine.

    NOW, the first time I went in, the lady said she told customers to do this all of the time. Maybe they got in trouble? If I were to write a letter or talk to someone, I don't want to get in trouble. I know it's only $200, but that isn't the point. I felt I got suckered into opening up a NM CC and I feel like a fool. Does anyone have any suggestions? Was it just too good to be true and I just took the bait like an idiot? Help! :sad:
  2. i would write a polite but firm letter of complaint ~ you obviously feel you were mis~informed ~ i don't know about the US but i do know the SA's here get commission for customers opening store accounts ~ NM used to be my fav US store until recently when i purchased a bag mail order ~ one month after taking my payment they still hadn't shipped the bag ~ :cursing: ~ i eventually had to involve someone at their head office ~ they also refused to give me a chanel box saying it wasn't store policy ~ next time i'll go to Saks ~ :p
  3. From working in retail years ago myself, I know that the stores push the employees to do anything to open up store accounts- unfortunately she was probably trying to meet her monthly goal and then got in trouble for it later. I would contact the store manager and explain what happened and see what could be done. The store manager should honor what she originally told you. I wish you luck!! I would be really upset if something like that happened to me.
  4. Thanks for your replies! I think in the moment I was just so excited I was getting my first Chanel bag that I didn't even think of the fact she was only trying to get us to open accounts. I'm glad I'm not the only one that would feel this way. It's definitely only Saks for me now too.
  5. acks! sounds like a tough one. if i were you, i would clarify the whole matter with someone superior (more senior than the manager?) and get this issue handled properly. i don't think misleading a customer is right at all. worst is when you just signed up for the card and get a different treatment altogether! get it settled and NM would probably refund you the other $100 gc. seriously, it's nothing about the money but the principles!!
  6. Very true, as the $200 would have barely covered the tax anyway. I think that's what's making me angry is being mislead.
  7. Sounds like she was trying to get you to open the account! Shame on her. NM won't even let buyer return then repurchase right away, and she should have known that if she's the manager.
  8. Oh and the original lady even gave my grandma and I large envelopes to put our receipts in so we didn't lose them before we were to come back. Don't know what the point of that would have been if we weren't allowed to return them from the beginning?
  9. Stores are notorious for doing this with their store CC. I worked at Victoria's Secret for 2 months a long time ago and the #1 thing was for us to push the store CC. It was ridiculous the lengths they wanted us to go to. They even had "speeches" we had to memorize and everything.

    I am sorry that happened to you. NM has (imho) been doing some shady stuff lately.
  10. Ugh. I'm sorry for your troubles. I hate Neiman's. I've had so many bad experiences, I no longer shop there anymore.
  11. In my family we have a rule, never trust lawyers and priests... I'm going to add sales people to it. Sorry for that bad experience, that's a sneaky way to do business.
  12. I am sorry to hear about your situation. I hate to say it, but that sounded wrong to begin with. I know stores really frown upon returning and re-buying for any reason, particularly for cash off etc. I would try and talk to the store manager and tell them EXACTLY what you were told by the specific SA's name (it is worth a try)!

    I would say 1. it sucks that you now have another cc and got sucked into it, BUT if 2. you ever want to shop NM in the future and don't have the cash on hand it is a good thing.
  13. I think had you contacted her seperately and not gone through another SA she may have done it for you. The other SA put her on the spot by calling her. She was probably doing it on the sly. As for the GC being $100, I thought it depended on the amount of your first purchase as to how much the GC is for. If you spent over $2,000 you should have gotten a $200 GC. I would question them about that. You may still want to contact that SA and ask her directly whats going on!

    Good Luck
  14. That is why I hesitated on complaining, I felt like it was wrong to get 'caught' doing. But if these women did it all the time, than it has to be in their computer system that they're doing this...? And yeah, NM doesn't take MC, Visa or debit cards so it would come in handy--if I ever planned on shopping there again! lol

  15. ^ LOL!! that is too funny! :roflmfao: