NM GC Event?

  1. Anyone shops a lot with NM, or pay close attention to their events, knows When, during the year, has NM best GC event? How much GC for How much purchase? Is GC better than Double Points? Wanna plan out next year's purchases. Thanks!
  2. they just had 100 gc w/ 400 this wkd which i think is pretty good (at Saks you needed to have spent 1000 to get $100gc).
  3. It depends on how many points you normally acrue/year.
    If you don't get many, the GC event is probably better.
    If you normally almost make the next tier of Incircle, double points is probably better.
    Also depends on that specific GC event, some are better than others.

    BTW - I got an e-mail from Horchow today offering 500 bonus points on your purchase of $150+ today and tomorrow.
  4. I thought the 100 per 400 is pretty good too, just wonder if they have better ones. does the incircle points expire after a year? I don't shop there often, but maybe getting some big purchases in the next year or two. Thanks for reply
  5. In the past LV has NOT participated in NM's InCircle double points events since they're a leased boutique. But in the fall this year, they did participate. I don't know if that's something permanent or was a one-time only deal.

    As for the 100/400 gc offer--that was probably the best offer I've seen in the past few years. NM doesn't usually do those types of offers. But I noticed that this year that they offered things like a 1000 bonus InCircle points with any purchase during the InCircle period and they gave out gc's with a minimum purchase in shoes, etc.

    My understanding is that they're trying to complete with Saks and its rewards program, hence the extra gc's and points. If you notice, NM's InCircle almost always runs around the same time as Saks' ECG events.

    InCircle points expire at the end of every calendar year but you can carry over 1/3 of the points into the next year.

    Hope that helps!
  6. Thanks wickedassin, LV doesn't participate in the GC event?
  7. No.

    And I placed an order online last Friday. I was told I wound't receive the $100 in email until Jan 28, which means all kinds of sales have ended by then and I have to spend much more than $100 to buy anything at NM on full price. Worst of all, beauty products are excluded when using the GC.:s
  8. actually, Incircle points don't expire on December 31st.
    They stop accumulating that day, but you don't have to use them by that day.
    I'm thinking you have through the 1st quarter, will go confirm. . . .