NM-garden state plaza NJ

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  1. does anyone know if they sell chloe or the balenciaga day bags at this location? I know they have prada and gucci but I'm not sure about these 2 brands. TIA!
  2. Octnybride

    They do sell Balenciaga at the Garden State Plaza NM, but I'm not sure about Chloe...The Nordstrom's at GSP definitely sells Chloe. Give them a call!
  3. i love that mall :smile: im exit 142, the mall is 160 :sad: far but great. its both for big spenders, window shoppers, and little spenders
  4. Babestaaa

    Exit 145 right here! :party:

    I love GSP, I just wish it was a little closer to us! It has stores for everyone and a great food court. The only thing I don't like is the traffic. Good lord! :cursing:
  5. thanks for the replies.. I forgot that Nordstrom has chloe now. I posted in the deals and steals that my husband got a $75 gc from NM after he opened an account there and while that will probably only cover the tax I might as well earn him some in circle points if I buy the balenciaga day bag. Also we have an amex gift card for $200 so that will help :yes:
  6. I agree about the traffic and it's forever packed on Saturdays! biggest mall in NJ too :smile: A lot of celebrities go there, I saw ICE T and COCO there before, a bunch of dweebs if you ask me :cursing: