NM Garden Sate Plaza NJ

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  1. wow, was very dissapointed.. maybe the have bags in the back or something but...was not satusfies with there selection at all...

    from what i remember..

    white/flower weekender
    sky blue/bg slim? GH
    NM special edition
    jaune hobo GSH
    sky blue first
    a dark green (not thyme) work?

    08 turquoise GSH!
    black city

    and some others i coudlnt rember..
  2. How much is the sales tax in NJ?
  3. no tax on clothes.. but for other things i think 7.25?
  4. i
  5. i know a lot of ppl from
  6. i know a lot of ppl from nyc go shopping at this mall..so it must be for a reason..
  7. They may have sold alot due to their promotion.
  8. sales tax in NJ is 7%