NM Focus Group!

  1. Has anyone ever been to one of these? I'm going to a Focus Group to discuss...shopping!! :yahoo: Should be a pretty fun 2 hours, eh? We each get a $200 NM gift card as compensation, so that's pretty obvious who the client is :graucho: . And if we are called back the next day for an additional 1:1 interview we get another $200 gift card!

    Any similar experiences to share?
  2. Holy smack, so you will get like $400, that is fantastic! Good luck! I want to be in a group too. Tomorrow, get back to us ok.
  3. ^^ Yeah, I'll let you guys know! It's not till next Wednesday, forgot to add...
  4. How do you get picked for this? Your location is listed as "Seattle"--they don't have NM in Seattle anymore--are they thinking about re-opening a store up there?!
  5. How fun! I hope you get called back!
  6. We will be getting a NM here in the Seattle suburbs. We've actually never had one before! I'm sure I got picked because I do a lot of NM shopping online and have for years.
  7. How great- Chanel online pleeeeese!!!!!!
  8. Lucky Lucky Pursegrrl! If they ever decide to build a NM in my area (which they probably won't since Saks didn't work back in the 80s) I hope they invite me to a focus group. Not just for the gift card (which is great!), but for the fact that I may be making a difference in how they stock their store, how they decide to market, and just how they plan to accommodate the people of my area.
  9. NM had a store from about 1999 to 2002 called "The Galleries of NM" or something like that--I think it was a mostly furniture/home accessories store from what I vaguely remember. I'll have to let my friend in Seattle know that the Pacific NW is finally getting a NM!

    Have a great time at the focus group!!!
  10. Wow, how'd that slip past me?? Too funny. Yeah, glad we are finally getting the real deal! Thanks!! :flowers:
  11. Congrats! That is sooo cool!
  12. I am so jealous! Have fun and be sure to tell us how it goes.

  13. Yeah, like "When are you people going to join the rest of the planet and take VISA!!" :roflmfao:
  14. Oh yeah, baby...that's on my list!!!! Prada, your post was the first thing that popped into my head when I got the call to join the focus group! :graucho:

  15. I believe they are building the new NM in Bellevue, WA (suburb of Seattle). I personally can not wait!
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