NM focus group - 1:1 interview follow up

  1. All, thanks for indulging me in reading through this other thread about the focus group!

    As you might know, I got called back the next day (today) for 90 minutes to meet 1:1 with the moderator and go over a few more things in depth. They wanted to know how/why I got interested in fashion, catalogues I get, magazines I read, how I got into online shopping and what I shop for, etc etc.

    Honestly, it was fun, but there were a lot of repeats of the questions I answered in the group setting (and hey, I'm not changing my answers whether it's just me or in a group! :lol: ).

    They had me go to the neimanmarcus.com website and browse around and talk outloud about why I'm going to some places and not others on the site and what I'm looking at, how I'm thinking and deciding about things. Honestly, I'm pretty schizo when it comes to online shopping: it's either a quick break from work or I'm on a mission to buy something. And they also had me pull up a few other sites I shop at and compare what I liked and didn't like about the others.

    So, it was exclusively focused on online shopping and I got the same opinions in as I did the night before. I guess even with that another $250 gift card is pretty cool, eh? :flowers: I'm going to get something for my BF with one of them :love:
  2. congrats! Market studys are fun. I did a similar one with ebay about 3 years ago.
  3. cool
  4. Fun!!!!
  5. you got 500$ for that? wow..sign me up hahaha!!!!
  6. Sounds great - BTW I think it is incredibly sweet you are going to spend it on your BF:yes:
  7. I Would Do It In Aheart Beat!!
  8. Sounds like fun - I would have done it in a heartbeat too!
  9. What a great experience! How do you get on the list to do this? I'd love to do this as a full time job, paid solely in department store gift certificates. Imagine...no guilt whatsoever about spending my hard earned dough!

    Thanks again for passing along our concerns to the folks at NM--I sure hope they do something about those shipping charges!
  10. Congrats! Go spend those gift cards on you and your BF!
  11. Enjoy those gc's I still don't understand though how you got invited to do these focus groups??