NM Final Sale question

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  1. I just phone-ordered the small beige bowler bag that was on sale at NM in Troy Michigan. It looked really cute in the photo a tPFer posted so I bought it even though I haven't seen it IRL. Can anyone tell me about it's size (can it hold a lot or is it pretty much the same size as a cosmetic bag?) Also if anyone saw it on sale at the store yesterday, was it still in good condition? I'm just worried b/c it was a final sale and I pretty much bought it based on the picture and b/c it was such a great deal. Also is it customary for final sale bags to not come with the black Chanel box?
  2. I also did a charge send from NM for a Chanel purse and it didn't come in the box. I called the store and they said for last call purses they never mail with the box which I thought was odd. I was a little disappointed because I wanted the box! Oh well-the person I spoke to said I could try going to my local NM and asking them for one..
  3. I saw the bag in the NM store in Boston. It was small but very cute. It seemed a little larger than a cosmetic case, IMO. A cute going out bag!
  4. I also saw the bag in the NM store in Natick. I think it is really cute...good choice!
  5. I would say it's bigger than a cosmetic case, but the straps are short so it would be a bag you will have to carry on your forearm or in you hand. Congrats on the great deal.
  6. I bought 2 final sale chanels at NM las vegas in person, and they didnt only not have the box, the SA didnt even give me the dust bags for them. She said they dont have dust bags and boxes for final sale.
  7. I requested for box for mine and SA said no problem? So hope they arrived with bags:smile:

    Oh Sandy, I just saw you at the forum and want to say thank you. I was the sad girl with the bad SA experince from NM SF and you and many others have been so sweet to referred nice SA and now i have 2 bags to my O (prior non-existence) collection.:yahoo:

    Oh, still will not shop with SF NM, the ones i talked to recently wetre Snotty!!! I am will to pay Shipping for less unpleasant experience.:graucho: There are plenty of wonderful SAs in other NMs.
  8. That's mean:tdown: Boxes and dustbags don't cost much to them. Even bags at final sale, the company is still making money