NM Fendi questionable??

  1. Back in 2001, I bought a Fendi baguette, silver hardware, zucca color from Neiman Marcus...The other day, I found out that real Fendi bags have a holographic sticker or tag attached somewhere inside the bag. I've owned this bag for years, and since I bought it from Neiman, I never thought about it. I got bored one day and decided to look if mine did have one....I was confident and assured, but when I looked, I didn't find any! =( Yes, I was crazy enough to look several times after that...and then some! It does, however, have the serial number, but even fakes have that!!! I know it won't appear magically, but I got so heartbroken, that I won't hesitate to look in it again, even though I know it's not there...Can some bag expert here tell me WHY there isn't one? I hope that it has something to do with the year, model, etc etc....I'm so mad...
  2. Im not 100% sure...but I think that the hologram sticker youre referring to ONLY comes with the Hologram edition Spy....

    please correct me if Im wrong....

    as far as I know NM is a trusted Fendi retailer....
  3. Neiman Marcus won't be pawning off fakes on people...no need to go all crazy and think that they are!!!

    If you can't trust Neiman, or Saks, then you really can't trust anywhere else to buy this kinda stuff...

    Kinda reminds me of someone who said LV in Holt sold fakes. LOL
  4. texaschic, the hologram sticker is not exclusive to the hologram spy. I'm not sure exactly when Fendi began to use hologram serial tags, but here's a Wall Street Journal article about it:

    All of my FENDI spy bags and B FENDI bags have the hologram. However, they are all 2005-present.

    It's quite possible that in 2001, Fendi had not begun using hologram serial tags. NM is definitely an authorized retailer, so your bag is 100% authentic.
  5. I've heard that some sickos buy real items, return the fake one, and keep the real one? That is sick!!!!! I hope that's not what happened....

    Yes, I know that NM is an authorized retailer, but what if the above mentioned is what happened?? When I look at the handbag though, it's perfect still. I've had the bag for several years and is still in pristine condition, a good indication of the authenticity. (no rough edges, leather strap is not cleaving, perfect stitches, etc....) thank GOD my large Selleria and Magic bag have them......

    (BTW, the long zucca wallet I also got from NM in 2001 doesn't have the hologram either..)
  6. don't worry, i'm sure your's is real. NM would never sell fakes.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it...I'm sure it's fine.
  8. older fendi bags do not have the holographic sticker. i got a baguette from a PFer w/o the holographic sticker and authenticated it at fendi to be real.
  9. I dont think NM would ever sell fakes
  10. Irinaderevko, I can understand your concern.

    I have heard of someone buying a fake Balenciaga bag b/c a new sA accepted a returned without getting an approval from store manager. Some these buyers are ruining things for everyone -- what if all stores no longer accept returns/exchanges in the future!

    Not only so, I personally don't like how some customers abuse stores' flexible policy by returning a used bag. I am all for trying it at home with outfits, but returning it after taking it out on town already (whether once or not) is another thing! If it's already worn, it should be sold at the owner's cost (loading it off ebay or elsewhere) rather than the store or future buyer -- unless the bag has manufacturing defects. I was surprised to see a 2005 Chanel Reissue on display at Chanel boutique inside NM recently; when I checked out the bag, it was very obvious that it's used heavily.

  11. I agree with this. I think the hologram is a fairly recent phenomenon. I would really be shocked if NM sold you a fake.
  12. thanks. i'm a little relieved, but some of you said you authenticated your bags @ Neiman Marcus? the last time i asked to authenticate mine @ neiman marcus, they said they don't practice that service.=(
  13. i meant they are prohibited to do that.
  14. the site did say that they are gradually putting the hologram, so not all have the holograms.. I just bought mine at an fendi shop in Tahiland airport and it doesnt have the hologram thing.