NM & Fendi B. Bag

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  1. So I'm #3 on my local NM's waiting list for a B.bag. But they are absolutely clueless about when they might receive the bags. Does anyone have any info from their NM? Maybe mine is just clueless? I've heard that BG has them in stock in NYC, is that true? Thanks for the info!
  2. why don't you go on eluxury.com they have them.
  3. Eluxury doesn't have the one I want. I want the smaller version of the tan/black patent one that eluxury has. Saks had them for pre-order, but not until April 30....
  4. I thought they were "in stock" at BG...but later heard they were samples showing for pre-order...now, not sure... Good thing about BG is that they are more organized with wait-lists/pre-orders than my local NM (NB), you can use your NM charge, and there is no tax if you are outside of NY.
  5. Thanks for the clarification! I'd go on the BG list, but I think I'm too late at this point. Figure I might as well keep my fingers crossed that I get the one I want from my NM (San Diego).
  6. You picked a great color combination. I remember reading a thread from Noriko that she wanted the same color as well. (Or I think she was debating over the tan/black and the all blue patent. )Maybe she could help you out.
    Post pics when you get it!
  7. ^^^hehe yeah I wanted the same one :biggrin: I missed the boat on saks though :sad: I have no idea when they are coming in @ NM, the NM here probably wont have them for a while..they are always late.