NM Exclusive Sequined Mombassa Shopper bag

  1. That is just stunning!! I would love to see that in person.
    I peeked at some of the other anniversary offerings and wasn't all that impressed - I wonder if the Gucci girls are excited by that gold guccissima!
  2. What I would really like is a plain Mombasa. Does anyone know if they are still made, or anywhere where it could be found?

    And is the horn on it real? (Hoping it is not)
  3. I was told by some ladies here that the Mombasa is part of the permanent collection - on styledrops.com I've seen a few in solid colors (brown and black, I think). The horn is real but comes from shed horns.

  4. OMG! It's fabulous. Love it!
  5. They still produce the regular Mombasa in black and brown and carried in the boutiques. The horn is real, and naturally shed ones, as mentioned above.
  6. that's really pretty...haven't seen that at my neiman's...
  7. :nuts: :heart: Oh yay! Thank you so very much for that info, fanaddict! (especially the part about the horn). I had no idea it was still made, for some reason I just assumed it wasn't. My birthday is coming up soon, and I now think that the Mombasa may be the perfect gift to wish for!

    Thanks also to misspiggy for the additional knowledge!