NM Evening Dash 7-10pm CT

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  1. I checked it out at 7 PM, but it didn't take but a glance to see that there was nothing there for me!
  2. Who chooses these items for NM? They need to hire someone new...maybe one of us! Ha!
  3. ITA....but the problem with that is that we would buy everything we picked out and there would be nothing left to sell! LOL!
  4. So true!!
  5. I really wanted the MBMJ wine pouch bag, but it flew out of my cart. I was on the site right at 7pm refreshing for the sale to pop up. They must have only had one bag to sell. It's frustrating. I'm really unhappy with NM lately. I don't want to give them my business anymore. Do I sound bitter...hahaha... ;)
  6. nothing for me
  7. Yup- another bust by NM.
  8. I wanted that Marc by Marc Jacobs wine pouch bag... it would have looked so cute across the shoulder! But I did manage to get the MBMJ cream croc key pouch for $23. It's cute for your cell phone!
  9. Yea the wine pouch bag is cute!