NM Estee Lauder GWP worth $150

  1. Hi,

    Just saw this from NM website[​IMG]

    I am battling whether I should get more skincare for myself again after the Xmas Blockbuster Giftset !!!!
  2. Is this only in stores?
  3. Thanks for the info.
  4. I was at NM yesterday. No wonder the EL counter was packed with women! I was in a hurry so I just quickly walked by.
  5. Wow! I love that tote!
    Thanks for sharing!
  6. I have such a weakness for gwp's!

    I don't need a thing, but simply can't resist!
  7. Just picked this up tonight. It's a really cute white tote that you will NOT feel guilty about when it gets all dirty. Looks much nicer than the usual GWP bags. And it comes with a great palette of eye shadows!

    If you don't have a NM near you, feel free to call my favorite SA, Liz Blench at the San Diego store. Her number is 619.692.9100--just ask for cosmetics and then for Liz Blench. I think there are two Liz's, so just mention her last name. She'll be happy to help!
  8. Could you please post some pics ?? You are so tempting me !!!!:yahoo:
  9. Here are my pics... I can't find my tape measure, so I can't measure the bag's dimensions. But it easily fits an InStyle magazine inside with room for your "stuff." I'd describe this as a smaller tote bag. The handles fit easily over the shoulder. The faux tortoise shell loops are only on the front of the bag. So I took pics of the front and the back of the bag. There are no interior pockets and no closure for the bag. There's a fabric-covered "board" that helps keep the bag's bottom flat. But you can take it out if you want a flatter bag.

    I also included a pic of the e/s palette. The colors are as follows:

    1) Honey Drop
    2) Ivory Box
    3) Pale Moon
    4) Mocha Cup
    5) Chocolate
    6) Ginger Drop
    7) Berry Ice
    8) Rose Confetti
  10. Thank you so much WickedAssin for posting pics !!!!!! I told myself no more GWP purchases, but I guess rules are meant to be broken lol !!!!

    First thing tomorrow, order this darn thing !!!!! I love the eyeshadows and the pretty white tote! !!!
  11. That is a pretty nice tote.... I would even use it!
  12. Ooh nice! I use their foundation. It's too bad there is no NM anywhere near me.
  13. ITA - what is it about those little gifts?!!
  14. is this on thier website
    do they still have it?
  15. hazel06, it's available in Stores only I believe. But you can always call any NM to make a phone order and mention to them that you would like the GWP with it.