NM Employee Discounts???

  1. Just curious to know...

    How much of a discount do the NM associates get on these fab bags??
    Anyone know?????;)
  2. 30 %
  3. really? i know louis boston employees didnt get anything off of bbags when they carried them
  4. 30%!!!! I'm off to NM become a SA;)
  5. I have been seriously thinking about applying for a part-time (evening/weekend) job at NM. Extra $$$ would be nice. I would love to work in the handbag department because I could talk handbags for days... I don't know if I'd get extra $$$ out of working there though because I'd be put in too many situations where I'd want to spend my money. Especially if I got a % off.
  6. Not only that but years ago when I worked at NM, they offered 30% on top of 30% twice a year which amounted to 50% off, basically. Nice! :yes:

  7. That alone is reason to work there even if you hate retail:p