NM egc today?

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  1. Anybody know if NM has the EGC event today? online or only in stores. thanks
  2. there is a girls night out today at NM- only in stores though! I bought a purse and cosmetics and will be getting a gift card:yahoo: Not sure if you have to get an invite though... I was surprised to not see anything posted on this earlier
  3. ^^I don't think you need an invite (I didn't have one), but you do need a NM credit card. I did a presale on a Balenciaga City today to be picked up on the next Girls Night Out Event (Wed. 2/17). The SA said I will be getting $150 gift card.
  4. ^^ Congrats! I love buying during events. I just received a 50 perk card in the mail to be used for a few different things... now I am going to have to shop during the accessory weekend too to get 50 dollars off :graucho:
  5. Thanks, babyontheway! I know, it's so tempting to shop when you have some type of gift card. That's how they lure us in. lol