NM Edith News...

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  1. I ordered both the Whiskey and the Chocolate Edith from NM. I just checked my account and there was a difference in my orders:

    The whiskey order says under
    "arrived my"--->"delayed" then under
    "status"-----> "IN PROCESS"

    for my chocolate order is says under
    "arrive by"------>"delayed" but under
    "Status"------> "BACKORDERED"

    So does this mean that my whiskey bag is in process to ship soon!!!??? That would be amazing!! I wonder if NM received their whiskeys before the chocolates?

    Just wanted to let other NM people know. Go and check your orders!!
  2. Did you see the checkbox for cancellation in the page? For me, the checkbox disappears and I have a arrive by date is 04/03/06. So I checked with live chat and was informed I will receive it by 03/29. I think the point is the checkbox for cancellation is there or not. If it is still there means the order is not filled yet in their warehouse.
  3. This is such exciting news! my whisky order also says "in processing", too! wow! thanks so much for the heads up beaux. I still have a "cancellation" check box- but it does seem as if the bags are getting ready to be shipped soon!

    As soon as I have a firmed up date I'm going to cancel my chocolate. I don't want to go through the pain of sending it back. Or falling in love with it. I certainly can't afford two of these babies!
  4. ^^^I hear ya! I think i'll cancel my choco baby too if I get my whiskey. Too big a chance that i'll fall in love with it! Mercer - you should call NM customer service. I just did - I gave them my order # and they said even though there's still the cancelation box - that they have my order scheduled for delivery on MARCH 29th!!!!!! That's only one week from today!!!

    call call call - I hope you're getting yours then too. I predict lot's 'o Edith photographs next wednesday!!!!
  5. thanks again beaux- I called and our bags are twins! both arriving on March 29 :nuts:

    Since I had a firmed up date I went ahead and cancelled the chocolate. I didn't want to take a chance it would get shipped- I hate returning things! Chocolate is beautiful, but Whiskey had been my first pick. Looks like things are working out!
  6. Thanks for the heads up - I just checked my order, and it, too, is "in process", so it looks like I may be getting my Edith soon!
  7. ooh-you guys are soooo lucky! post pics so I can drool.....
  8. I just called and they said it was shipped today!
  9. Oooh, I read this post and checked mine, it said "In Progress", there is no cancel button though. I really hope it went through, I can't wait to see and carry this bag. :love: :love: :love:
  10. Wow you guys! I'm getting excited for you, lol! I know how you've all been waiting anxiously for the Edith. So this is great news!!!
  11. My Edith shipped from Ron Herman on Tuesday, so I am hoping it will arrive Friday! Can't wait to see it AT LAST! I hope everyone's orders go through and your bags arrive in perfect condition!
  12. I checked my NM acct and under send by it still said May 5, but the status said shipped. It also had a fexed tracking number on the bottom of the page even though it didn't work. So then I called and was told it was shipped today!
  13. ^^Yea!! I"m so happy that we have so many Edith's on the way. I still can't believe that I could actually order one from NM - someone must have canceled their pre-order!

    I keep asking the CS lady if there was anyway that I wouldn't be getting a bag or if my order would be canceled - she said "no".

    I'm dying to get this bag - and see everyone's photo's!!!
  14. mine shipped! I can't believe how fast this happened! I only ordered this on the 20th! I was thinking I would have to wait until may! yippeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll call around today and take my name off the lists i'm on. ediths for all!
  15. ^^YAY MERCER!!!! I"m so happy for you! Wow - that is MUCH sooner than predicted!!! Can't wait to hear about Edith!:nuts: :love: