NM DOUBLE gift card promo ending on Sept 19th

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  1. Plus, they are now on ****** with 4% cash back as a special offer!!!
  2. How can I get 4% back?
  3. Upromise.com has 5% if I'm not mistaken
  4. Awesome! I just opened one of these accounts:smile:
  5. Do you have to be like a member to get the giftcard or anyone can get it?
  6. I think anyone
  7. upromise never gives cash back. i tried it and it never gives cash back to you
  8. I think you meant E-B-A-T-E-S but it was blocked. It is 4% cash back and I do get all my shopping rebates on a check quarterly!
  9. The bag I want is sold out :sad: any other gc or event with other stores for prada ?
  10. Gosh, I did realize that it was blocked out...

    I received an email about it and when I clicked on the email, it took me through the website to the NM website.

    I love that site...I get quarterly checks too!! Woo Hoo!

  11. Why does it get blocked?
  12. I think you have to wait 90 days for the cash back to be available. I have cash back from other retailers sitting in my upromise account. And if you make a purchase through them, you should receive a confirmation a few days later or it should show up on your upromise account. If not, the transaction never went through upromise and which might be why you didn't get your cash back.
  13. e bates is blocked because tPF doesn't want people constantly posting about asking for referrals for that site since people get bonuses for referring people there.
  14. Is this a good site to go through?