NM didn't buy Vert Thym!

  1. That is what my SA told me yesterday! They didn't buy the color at all, in any style. Has anybody else heard this? I was hoping to get my VT city at NM.
  2. I saw a Vert Thym at NM @ Tyson's in DC two weeks ago. So they definitely have them!
  3. I saw a VT First at NM in Atlanta less than a week ago. Their renovation is completing early and they have started to carry Balenciaga for the first time, ahead of schedule.

    They only had a few bags so far, but I saw the VT, a few magentas and BG, a Sahara city with GSH, and a couple of bags (probably returns) from past seasons.
  4. I also saw VT at my NM
  5. I also saw a Vert at the SF NM!
  6. They definitely bought the first, I saw it there. Maybe they have not recieved the city yet?? Can't imagine them not buying the city.:shrugs:

    gwen, call Lisa Hamlin @ NM Troy MI.....248 635-8442, her cell number. Lisa is one of the best at NM. She will find what you're looking for, happily too. Goood luck.
  7. I saw a first VT at NM, Fashion Island.
  8. If there's one thing I've learned from dealing with many NM SAs ... it's that you should double- and triple-check the info they give you. ;)
  9. Thanks to everybody who responded to this thread! I have a credit on my NM card and really want to buy my VT rh city there. I will call Lisa. :smile:

  10. :confused1: did you see anything else from s/s 08?
  11. Anyone see a VT Step in RH? I'm so smitten with this color...