NM Designer sale....!!!!

  1. Wow...

    I had been waiting all week for my Burberry Novacheck shopper to arrive from NM...

    The box came today, and I was soooo excited! I quickly opened the box, and inside was a smaller box....my first though "wow, this bag is a lot smaller than I expected!" but anyway, I opened the box and....wa-la, a pair of boots were in there!!!

    But the packing slip had my Burberry info on it, etc.

    I am soooo angry!! This was a gift for someone, needing to arrive today! I'm on the phone w/ cust. service, and they are now telling me that the bag is sold out, and they can send someone out to pick up the shoes! Please,

    This is crazy. I ordered it the first day of the sale, and my CC was charged and payment went through and cleared immediately. When I ordered it and when it shipped it WAS in stock!

    I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else!
  2. That stinks! I am waiting for some Prada shoes. I hope they come. Everything else I have ordered have gotten here so far.
  3. That sucks. I sure know how you feel. But neiman has a bad track record in the online orders. I have some problem with them before.
  4. Neiman Marcus did something similar to me. I had a bag on backorder (they insisted that it would come) and then all of a sudden without any explanation they deleted my order ! The bag is now discontinued permanently and I can no longer get the bag. :sad:
  5. Neiman Marcus did this to me several times. Wrong items or wore items... I hate their website during sale times!!!

    I hope you find your bag some other way!!
  6. That's horrible!! What are they doing about it? They better be giving you some sort of wonderful discount for future purchases or something!

    I just placed my first order with them not too long ago via Live Chat (hopefully the associates are competent!) and specified them to ship my bag at a later date. Hopefully they don't do the same thing to me because I would be SO disappointed!
  7. Thankfully my 2 pairs of Manolos came through wonderfully last month! I too would have been heartbroken! Best of luck next time - if there is a next time...
  8. Lots of people go through this with Neimans online. You would think with the amount of money we spend there they should have the best of the best cust. service & be able to get things right.
  9. They should give you a percentage off code to compensate for their mistake. I would insist on it...
  10. They cancelled my Louboutins! I had to call them and order it by phone. Luckily, they still had my size. The CL I ordered were on sale (in red) and the black is discontinued. Stupid CS. They just cancel for no reason!
  11. well they sent me clothes along with my BULGA shipping info(one just cavali shirt and one crazy emboriered jacket for some kind real formal event) when I placed an order for 2 Bulga bags in different colors. And needless to say my bulgas were sold out when the clothes came in the fedex package. That was really really disappointing.
  12. I ordered a pair of Manolos and I was so excited about it. When i opened the box, the leather was scratched and it was very visible. I had to return it and it is taking forever for them to credit back my CC.
  13. That sucks. I've had so many problems with their websites during sales times that I wonder why I even bother any more. They should give you some kind of compensation! So annoying.
  14. Recently I ordered a Rebecca Taylor sweater on sale and got a weird Tahari coat and lace camisole instead. What in the world?????????

    The phone rep credited me immediately when I called BUT ****more irritatingly**** when I tried to generate good karma and bring back the wrong items (which I could've kept for free) to a NM store, I dealt with those CS people for 45 minutes trying to explain what happened.

  15. Yes. Be careful girls ! And when you ask them for an explanation they make up some LAME excuse like the computer did it automatically ??? I'm like WTF ?!?!