NM Designer Bag Event

  1. Neiman Marcus is having their designer bag event on the 9th. They have no idea what bags will be discounted until Wed. I was looking around today...
  2. Is it just a one day sale? I had planned to shop at NM the day after Thanksgiving, but may I change my plans now. Do you know how much the discount will be? Will it be on-line too?

    Oh, I hope the Ferragamo pleated bag in raspberry is included!
  3. I don't usually shop there. You can go in, look at the bags, and have the sales associate put a hold on the bag. Then return the day of the sale & buy it. I guess you find out then if it's on sale. Not sure of the discount.
  4. I believe it is the 9th only, but I am not sure at all.
  5. That must've been what my SA was saying to me on my voice mail.
    She invited me to shop next Wednesday, that was all I heard, my phone was cutting out.
    I think I'll call her!
  6. OMG. I am excited about this! My NM wishlist is wall to wall bags.
  7. Is this seperate from the general sale (the one that is only Be and D, IF, and Michael Kors) that is on Wednesday? I would love to see some MJ or Tod's on sale!
  8. What she said was they won't know until Wed what is on sale. If someone gets to NM, maybe the sale starts Wed as the preview sale date??? If I get back there before Wed, I will let you know. I am off Thur so the 9th stuck in my mind.
  9. i've been told by my SA that the first day of the presale is wednesday, the 8th - not the 9th - and they're only discounting MK, IF and Be & D, as someone said above. i asked if more would discount once the sale started, and she said no....of course, anything's possible, but not holding my breath :sad:
  10. I got a First Call e-mail. Not sure if it's the same bags that will be on sale though...
  11. My SA said that Mulberry will be on sale...forgot what others she mentioned, but not balenciaga...
  12. I was in NM in Mazza Gallerie yesterday...the only bags worth noting are Mulberry and Be & D. Then again, the handbag department at the NM is small.